Prism Computational Sciences, Inc.

Prism Computational Sciences, Inc.

  • User-friendly software for:

    Science, engineering, research, and education.

    Solar Flare. Courtesy of NASA.
  • Research areas:

    Atomic physics

    Radiation physics

    Plasma Spectroscopy

    Radiation Hydrodynamics

    Hohlraum. Courtesy of LLNL.

About Prism

Prism Computational Sciences, Inc., founded in 1998, develops and applies innovative, user-friendly software tools for scientific research and commercial applications in the physical sciences and engineering. Our software accurately and efficiently simulates the radiative, hydrodynamic, atomic, and spectroscopic properties of hot gases and plasmas.


Prism focuses on developing easy-to-use tools that are particularly well-suited for government and commercial laboratory research and development. The tools are also well-suited for graduate and undergraduate research and education at universities.

Prism software features user-friendly graphical user interfaces and supporting visualization packages that allow results to be viewed easily. The software runs natively on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.


The majority of the staff at Prism has advanced degrees in physics or computer sciences. In addition to developing scientific software, our staff is involved in research projects that collaborate with major U.S. and international research laboratories and universities. Members of our technical staff have very strong computational and mathematical skills and have experience with a wide variety of software tools, programming languages, and platforms.

Research efforts are concentrated in theoretical and computational studies of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. These include:

  • Simulation and analysis of spectra (x-ray, EUV, UV, visible) obtained in z-pinch and laser-produced plasma experiments
  • Development of efficient x-ray and EUV radiation sources
  • Radiative and hydrodynamic properties of LTE and non-LTE laboratory plasmas
  • Atomic and spectral properties of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas


Prism Computational Sciences, Inc. offers consulting services in custom software development and scientific research for the physical sciences and engineering. Prism's areas of expertise include:

  • Atomic and plasma physics
  • Plasma spectroscopy
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Radiation and heat transfer
  • Quantitative analysis

For additional information on Prism's consulting services, contact us at mail at

Software Training

Even though users are generally able to run Prism software within a few hours, we offer comprehensive on-site and off-site training sessions on all Prism codes (HELIOS, PrismSPECT, SPECT3D, PROPACEOS, and VISRAD). Our hands-on training is tailored to fit each user's individual experience with the Prism tools.

During the Intermediate training course we provide a brief overview of the capabilities of each code, explain the process of setting up simulations and reviewing results, go over examples, cover some advanced features, and answer user questions. In the Advanced training course we focus on more challenging cases and specific needs that require in-depth knowledge of computational models. We demonstrate the use of new software tools to simplify and accelerate simulation setup, and we review user-provided workspaces.

For additional information, or to schedule Prism software training, contact vgolovkina at